PowerShell By Example: Time and Date

In many operations within PowerShell we need time and date information. When date and time values are being returned that is done with the [datetime] data type. The format that’s being returned depends on the cultural settings of the computer.


To get the current date and time, use the Get-Date command.



Monday, March 14, 2022 4:40:48 PM

Date and time parts

To get specific values from the command we can use the properties in the [datetime] type.

$today = Get-Date
Write-Host "Full Date: `t$today"
Write-Host "Date: `t`t$($today.Date)"
Write-Host "Year: `t`t$($today.Year)"
Write-Host "Month: `t`t$($today.Month)"
Write-Host "Day: `t`t$($today.Day)"
Write-Host "Day of the Week: $($today.DayOfWeek)"
Write-Host "Day of the Year: $($today.DayOfYear)"
Write-Host "Hour: `t`t$($today.Hour)"
Write-Host "Minute: `t$($today.Minute)"
Write-Host "Second: `t$($today.Second)"
Write-Host "Millisecond: $($today.Millisecond)"


Full Date:  03/14/2022 20:25:15
Date:       03/14/2022 00:00:00
Year:       2022
Month:      3
Day:        14
Day of the Week: Monday
Day of the Year: 73
Hour:       20
Minute:     25
Second:     15
Millisecond: 322

Formatting dates

Sometimes we need to format the date. This can be done with the -f parameter. This parameter takes in a string and replaces the placeholders with the values from the [datetime] type.

$date = Get-Date
$date -f "yyyyMMdd"


Monday, March 14, 2022 4:47:03 PM
03/14/2022 16:47:03

Adding and subtracting

It is possible to add and subtract dates in PowerShell. The functions may seem confusing but you can add using positive numbers and subtract using negative numbers.

$today = Get-Date
$yesterday = $today.AddDays(-1)
$tomorrow = $today.AddDays(1)
Write-Host "Today: `t`t$today"
Write-Host "Yesterday: `t$yesterday"
Write-Host "Tomorrow: `t$tomorrow"


Today:          03/14/2022 20:33:43
Yesterday:      03/13/2022 20:33:43
Tomorrow:       03/15/2022 20:33:43

The same actions can be done with the other add functions like:

AddMethoddatetime Add(timespan value)
AddDaysMethoddatetime AddDays(double value)
AddHoursMethoddatetime AddHours(double value)
AddMillisecondsMethoddatetime AddMilliseconds(double value)
AddMinutesMethoddatetime AddMinutes(double value)
AddMonthsMethoddatetime AddMonths(int months)
AddSecondsMethoddatetime AddSeconds(double value)
AddTicksMethoddatetime AddTicks(long value)
AddYearsMethoddatetime AddYears(int value)

Set specific date and time

To Set the date and time we can use the Set-Date command.

$date = Get-Date -Date "2022-01-02 03:04:05"


Sunday, January 2, 2022 3:04:05 AM

You can also set the current date but then change one part of it with for instance the month:

# Assume with this example that the current date is 2022-03-14
$date = get-date -Month 5


Saturday, May 14, 2022 8:46:27 PM